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Transistor Transistor PC Games of game style action and role-playing by Supergiant Games has been designed and built by the company on 20 May 2014 Amir Rao for PC platform and PS4 to be marketed. Red is a young girl who is trying to discover the secret Transistor lift. Transistor extraordinarily powerful sword that can destroy any object in front. In a land where strange creatures rule will be as a Warriors playerThe fighters fought with the creatures and robots to destroy them. Fine movement fighting the battle with the enemies of a certain way, and the special effects are planned. Red Action bar reaches its highest level when he becomes a special case. The game allows the player to use the map in all directions, as well as ways to easily view which has come to. This game has not been released yet another new information being published and will be guest at your disposal.

Profile Play Transistor :
Game Name: Transistor
Platform: PC
Language: English
Year of publication: 2014
Brand: Supergiant Games
Publisher: Amir Rao
Genre: Action and Role-Playing

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Unleashing Your Beast Side And Hunt Your Enemies In Evolve

Co-op games are quite popular nowadays, with a lot of single player franchise end up with co-op feature integrated to their latest production. Left for Dead series also considered as a big hit for co-op players, and this is where Evolve showing up to provide a unique experience where you can do 4 man co-op game play with your friends, to find and fight a special monster controlled by player too. 

The monster will be able to improve by killing inferior monster, and then turning into a vulnerable cocoon to achieve next stage of evolution. The 4 man players also able to gather power up by defeating the other monster, which becomes important part to help them fight the evolved monster controlled by the enemy player. 

The second objective like destroying the human facilities or defeating all human players to achieve victory also provided for the monster side. This unique mechanic making Evolve feels more exciting and fun to play, especially with the promise of different map and monster to make the game feel more challenging and less redundant with the same patter over the time. The game will become more challenging as the monster evolved and start hunting the hunter, and only your wits and skill will become the only way to survive and win the game. 

The original developer is THQ, though they end up filing up for bankruptcy and later 2K games acquired the games after the auction of the asset from THQ. You need to buckle up and prepare your arsenal soon since Evolve will be released on October this year, especially if you don't want to miss the first day of the game launch. You will get additional DLC character and extra goliath skin if you decided to get a pre-order for this game, so you need to get it quickly if you don't want to miss out this opportunity.

There are 4 basic class on Evolve: trapper, medic, support, and assault will provide you with your favorite play style to help your team going through all of the danger and to face the final evolving monster as your foe. There is a rumor about a single player campaign for the game too, though there is no additional info about this released to the public yet. With more monster and character varieties to be introduced in the release version, you can expect a different way to fight off the human players or facing up with a unique and more challenging monster as your opponent.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul, New Class and New Game Mode

For you who have been become gamer since childhood around year of 1999-until now, you must know “Diablo”. That hack and slash RPG (Role playing Game) is always placed on top chart of best game everywhere and anytime. With leveling system, weapon upgrading and enchanting, long and complicated storyline, and of course thousands of challenging dungeons / maps, it’s not astounding if this title reining the RPG game all the time. And Diablo now is about to prolong its heyday; as they release Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul; following two precious successful titles: Diablo and Diablo 2. So, what this trilogy is like? Let’s check it out!

The first innovation featured in Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul is the new class/job: Crusader. Crusader is a combination of melee and range. Crusader also has an excellent control area. He was able to provide a large area attacks. In short, Crusader is a unique combination that enables him to be versatile unit. Crusader's iconic weapon is a flail and shield. What is very unique from this class is the ability to hold two hand weapons, as weapons first hand. Yup. You can use a 2-handed weapon, plus the shield. This can give you extra damage, as well as block and a good defense.

Generally Crusader is the type of striker area. He was able to give melee (melee), which is as good as a ranged attack. Well, he was able to become the kind of tankers, but only in emergencies only. Classes such as Barbarian and Monk have a level of defense that much better. Not only new class that introduced in Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul, but it also features two new adventure modes:  Bounty and Nephalem Rifts. In Bounty mode, you will be sent back to previous act but with new challenge or mission; to hunt certain monster. If you finish your bounty mission, talk to Tyrael and he will give you nice reward: Horadric Cache.

While in Nephalem rifts, player will go through random dungeon with random monster. 

People may encounter many surprise, for example, you go rift from act 1 Dungeon, but inside the rift you will be challenged with monster from dungeon 2, 3, even 10, or any level. The reward of this new game mode is blood shards; which further you can trade it with legendary weapon or armor. Are you curious? Just get yourself in front of PC and play Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul!
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