Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul, New Class and New Game Mode

For you who have been become gamer since childhood around year of 1999-until now, you must know “Diablo”. That hack and slash RPG (Role playing Game) is always placed on top chart of best game everywhere and anytime. With leveling system, weapon upgrading and enchanting, long and complicated storyline, and of course thousands of challenging dungeons / maps, it’s not astounding if this title reining the RPG game all the time. And Diablo now is about to prolong its heyday; as they release Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul; following two precious successful titles: Diablo and Diablo 2. So, what this trilogy is like? Let’s check it out!

The first innovation featured in Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul is the new class/job: Crusader. Crusader is a combination of melee and range. Crusader also has an excellent control area. He was able to provide a large area attacks. In short, Crusader is a unique combination that enables him to be versatile unit. Crusader's iconic weapon is a flail and shield. What is very unique from this class is the ability to hold two hand weapons, as weapons first hand. Yup. You can use a 2-handed weapon, plus the shield. This can give you extra damage, as well as block and a good defense.

Generally Crusader is the type of striker area. He was able to give melee (melee), which is as good as a ranged attack. Well, he was able to become the kind of tankers, but only in emergencies only. Classes such as Barbarian and Monk have a level of defense that much better. Not only new class that introduced in Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul, but it also features two new adventure modes:  Bounty and Nephalem Rifts. In Bounty mode, you will be sent back to previous act but with new challenge or mission; to hunt certain monster. If you finish your bounty mission, talk to Tyrael and he will give you nice reward: Horadric Cache.

While in Nephalem rifts, player will go through random dungeon with random monster. 

People may encounter many surprise, for example, you go rift from act 1 Dungeon, but inside the rift you will be challenged with monster from dungeon 2, 3, even 10, or any level. The reward of this new game mode is blood shards; which further you can trade it with legendary weapon or armor. Are you curious? Just get yourself in front of PC and play Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul!

The Last Stand: Union City

Once again, browser game has stolen many hearts of gamer. With its simplicity (no need for installation, only browser and internet connection), ease of access, and good graphic and play system, this kind of game starts to shift the game lover; especially low budget gamer from installed game into browser game. Divosaga, Red Crucible, even the most plain browser game like Farmville or Ninja Saga are the good example. Like installed game, browser game also develop from time to time in the aspect of play system, graphic, sound, etc. Although still cannot be compared with installed game, the features of browser game obviously getting better and better. At least you can prove it in the browser game that we’re going to discuss here: The Last Stand: Union City.

The Last Stand: Union City is a browser game with the theme war against zombie. Even though it’s not FPS game instead of 2D adventure shooting game, Resident Evil nuance is still very condensed here; such as The horde of zombie that come without warning, finding certain item to progress, harrowing and astounding voice in each scene, etc. Fight the zombies is not trivial. Therefore, make sure the character you equipped the best weapons. Along the way, you can find lots of weapons and food supplies, which are hidden in various locations. Starting from folding knives, baseball sticks, until automatic pistol, and SMG can be found in this game. You can use 2 kinds of weapons, which can be exchanged quickly. Please select your favorite weapon, and adjust to the needs. Well, all firearms need ammunition, and numbered limited ammunition. And so, it is always wise to use your gun.

When you first create a character in The Last Stand: Union City, you can specify the particular abilities; the engineer, military firefighter, policeman, even a conman. This capability will affect the course of gameplay, and help your survival activities. Firefighter for example being able to use a blunt weapon better, while conman was able to outsmart the lock so that it can open a secret closet. Choose capabilities to suit your tastes. This game also has a level system where each level up, you can improve your character abilities and skills.

The Last Stand: Union City is quite linear, meaning that the story was straightforward and simple. Therefore, there are many alternatives that you can get the story. Gamers who want a complicated storyline might be a little disappointed. In addition, this game still has some bugs. From the start of the arena that cannot be accessed until the unrevivable companions.

Titanfall, Where Legal Cheater Belongs!

Hey, gamers around the world, what’s up? We bet all of us already knew that there is no game without cheat / cheater. It doesn’t matter what kind of game it is, whether RPG (role playing games) FPS (First Person Shooting) Adventure, Sports, Fighting, we always found cheat and cheater. In one side, cheat is important to overcome certain difficulty which is almost impossible for every player. But in another, cheat may kill gamer’s skill and creativity. Once a gamer found that cheating is so fun and interesting, they will be addicted to use it; even in easiest difficulty where anyone can get through without cheat. Okay, that’s just intermezzo. Now, let’s go to the main review, guess what? Yes, Titanfall, a heaven for cheater.

That’s why we rind a lot about cheat in introduction session, because Titanfall is offering many legal cheat facilities. “What, did you say legal?” Yes, that’s right. In this MMORPG – FPS (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games – First Person Shooting) there is a unique feature called burning cards. Burning cards are obtainable item which allow players to doing something exceptional than those who play without this. Each burning card has its own special effect such as “wall hack” (see through wall/solid objects) so he/she is able to see enemy behind the wall or any solid object; subsequently more prepare about what he/she should do.

The other fascinating burning card in Titanfall is “aimbot”. Aimbot enables player to lock and shoot enemies without fussing aiming the crosshair using mouse. Thanks to aimbot, once an enemy is seen on the screen and as long as they are in shooting range, the crosshair will targeting automatically with 90-100% precision. After the aimbot has worked, the players just do the rest by simply click the left mouse button to land some devastating bullets, lasers, rockets, etc. into the locked victim. “Adrenaline transfusion” is also one of most enthralling available burn card. With this, you can move so fast and your opponent will be irritated because they can’t lock you easily.
“Then, how to acquire those damned burn cards?” Should I hack the system or something like this?” Easy, easy… Didn’t we tell you before that burn cards are “legal” cheat? Yes, these fucking awesome cards can be obtained by every player after they accomplish certain mission or achievement; for example after they succeeded to kill 100 enemies, made 100 headshots and so on.  So, that’s Titanfall, MMORPG – FPS where legal cheaters belong!
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